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William Schwitzer

William Schwitzer

William Schwitzer grew up in Canterbury, CT and was raised by two Holocaust survivors. His family raised cattle on over 700 acres of land, so at a young age, William realized he had a passion towards animals. Growing up, William knew he couldn't imagine his adult life without being involved with animals somehow. William found light in his love for animals, and his love for the courtroom at a young age. William was told at a young age he'd never be good enough to wear a suit. Later, William went on to earn his undergraduate degree at the University of Connecticut before continuing onto the Western New England Law School. During William's time in Law School, he sparked an interest in practicing personal injury law. Now, a long with owning some of the sports highly recognized show jumpers, William is also the owner of William Schwitzer & Associates. 

Alexa Schwitzer

Alexa Schwitzer

Alexa is the daughter of William Schwitzer, owner of Over The Top Stables. At her first birthday party, her parents decided to have a pony come for the kids to ride. The moment Alexa sat on that pony, she never let it go. After that moment, Alexa began taking casual lessons at a local barn in the area. In 2015, William and Wendy gave Alexa the privilege of beginning to compete at the highest level the sport offers, and in 2016 she began flying back and forth from Wellington, Florida every weekend to compete on a national circuit. Once William realized Alexa's dedication and ambition to the sport they created "Over the Top Stables" when they purchased In Joy and Fabricio 23 which sparked their now internationally known business. 

Throughout Alexa's junior career she focused mainly on the hunters and dabbled in the equitation occasionally. They had incredible results, qualifying for the Pennsylvania National Horse Show, The Washington International Horse Show, and the National Horse Show, bringing home championships in some of the biggest venues on the east coast: The Winter Equestrian Festival, Old Salem Farm Spring, Vermont Summer Festival, HITS Saugerties. It wasn't until Alexa was aged out when she began her career as a jumper rider. Now, having an incredible string of top international show jumpers, Alexa works under the guidance of Daniel and Mark Bluman, competing at some of the largest FEI venues such as Spruce Meadows, Winter Equestrian Festival, and Great Lakes Equestrian Festival.

Daniel Bluman

Daniel Bluman

Daniel was born in Medellin, Colombia. Inspired by his older cousins who loved and showed horses, Bluman started riding at age 3. He showed a passion for horses which rapidly developed into a real lifestyle. As a young rider, Bluman competed in Colombia, Germany and in the U.S.A. and trained with some of the top equestrians in the world including Nelson Pessoa, whom he trained with in Belgium for a few years. Representing his Jewish roots and second country Israel, Bluman is now helping the country shine on the international equestrian scene and is on the “Road to 2020” Olympics. 

In Bluman’s spare time, he and his wife Ariel support various charitable organizations such as the UJA Federation, INTRA (Israel National Therapeutic Riding Association) and Antorchas de Vida, a foundation that focus on nutrition and education of kids in state of poverty in Medellin, Colombia. They also recently created "Ride The Future" program, which helps pair professionals with riders who are interested in continuing a career in the sport, but may not have the means or tools to get far.  


Mark Bluman

Mark Bluman took his first riding lesson at the age of 3, following behind his brothers Ilan and Joseph, and his cousin Daniel.  Since that day, he has never stopped.  


He grew up riding in Medellin, Colombia, where he was named World Children’s Jumper Champion, Colombian Children’s National Champion and Junior National Champion.  With so many accomplishments at such a young age, he decided to take his talent to the United States to further develop his skill in horse sport. He competed under the flag of Colombia in multiple Nations Cup competitions as well as FEI rated classes. 


After many years and much success, he moved to Europe in 2016 to work in horse trading and sales, under the wing of renowned horseman, Tal Milstein.  He stayed at Tal Milstein Stables for 2 years before moving back to America to join his family again, and help run Bluman Equestrian. 


Jessica Stanek

Jessica Stanek is the manager for both Over the Top Stables and Daniel Bluman of Bluman Equestrian. Originally from Dalton, Pennsylvania and now based primarily out of Wellington, Florida, Jess has years of experience under her belt in the equestrian industry managing premier show jumping operations. Over the Top Stables’ daily operations run smoothly and efficiently thanks to Jess, and the Over the Top Stables team owes much of their success to her!

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